No icy lager, no sundowners: could you handle a sober holiday? Travel

You may not even remember past Decembers without memories swirling in snow and liquor. If you have a drink in your hand, chances are you won’t attract as much attention as if your hands are empty. Come up with a delicious and non-alcoholic drink you can enjoy while there. A cranberry and soda looks like many alcoholic cocktails and is festive to boot.

Recovery is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor, no matter the season. “Hi Steve and Max – I had a wonderful this past week and took home lots of amazing sobriety, stories and made many new friends! Thank you so much for putting this together.” The truth behind simping and how it can impact your self-esteem, relationships, and mental well-being. Learn how to recognize and avoid this harmful behavior. Arrive early, leave early, and keep an eye out for emotional triggers. Can provide help in the moment or even provide an excuse for you to leave an event early .

Have Your Support System Ready

Whether you are the one trying to stay abstinent this holiday season or you are the friend or loved one of someone trying to do so, use these tips for guidance while you are spending time together. The gift of sobriety is one that keeps on giving. Perhaps you used to have a “go-to” drink during the holidays. Or maybe you’re going somewhere and you’re unaware of what alcohol-free beverages will be available. Play it safe and bring something that you know you can enjoy such as sweet tea or a soda of your choice.

If you are newly, we want to extend you some hope. Feel confident that the best years of your life lie ahead of you. Life will take on a new meaning, and you will know happiness like you have never known before.

How to Stay Sober Over the Holidays

Take control by sober holidaysing your own non-alcoholic beverage of choice, removing the option to fill your glass with an alcohol-based drink. There are quite a few traditional holiday beverages that are just as good (or better!) without alcohol…eggnog, hot chocolate, and hot cider, just to name a few. Find more by searching online for “NA holiday drinks” or “holiday mocktails”. You may be tempted to join the children’s table if your adult loved ones are in the “party” mood. And with your clarity of mind, you will win the Scrabble tournament. Sober holidays are tailor-made for good old-fashioned fun.

  • That’s where hemp- and adaptogen-based beverages, as well as ready-to-drink botanical-based teas and aperitifs come into play.
  • If you’re in Al-anon, you obsess about your family member’s drinking.
  • Once those are identified, it can be helpful to have someone supportive and sober with you to rely on during those moments of temptation.
  • You may feel obligated to go to multiple events in one day, making it a long and tiring day.
  • If you don’t have supportive family and friends, make new healthy connections by attending recovery support group meetings and events.
  • Take a breather from the party and make an outreach call during the event.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stay sober and find enjoyment during this festive time of year. Even if you’ve arrived at a party or other holiday gathering by yourself, your support system is just a call or text message away. A mobile phone can be a lifeline for keeping in touch with people who can help you cope if you’re struggling with sober holidays. This coping mechanism is essential, especially if the people around you engage in social drinking and push you to do the same. Having access to your support system, or those you can call when you need an anchor during a challenging time, can make a huge difference in your recovery. Whether you’re struggling with your sobriety or just want to make sure that you stay on track this holiday season, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

) Create a game plan

Decide ahead of time what you will and won’t put yourself through and have a “Holiday Escape Plan” in place for when it’s time to go. Make sure to have your own transportation or a dependable person in your support system who will offer you a ride when you need it. While we all aspire to have a harmonious table with all our loved ones, no one enjoys a perfect family holiday—not even Norman Rockwell himself.

It can feel as if everyone around is celebrating–often with drinks. The holidays have a way of magnifying the emotions of people who are recovering from addiction or even mental illness. You aren’t alone if you’re wondering how to stay sober during the holidays. This can be a challenging time for most people who are struggling to maintain their sobriety and recovery progress.

A New Look at 10 Addiction Relapse Triggers

When it comes up, you look for something to take off the edge. Maybe you find yourself binging on Internet browsing or simply ignoring phone calls from family members. In the time leading up to the event, take time to look within yourself to identify your triggers. Understand how those triggers may arise throughout the event and what, and whom, you may need to work through those. Marilyn Spiller is a writer, sober coach, recovery advocate, and student of the world .

How do you have fun while sober?

  1. EXERCISE. One of the best ways to give yourself a natural, healthy dopamine kick is exercise.
  2. JOIN A SPORTS LEAGUE. Going into recovery can often mean severing ties with a lot of your friends from your former life.
  3. CREATE!

Know what your biggest triggers are so that you can steer clear of them and not enable unnecessary temptations. Learn to recognize when your social energy is tapped out so that you can leave while your mental resolve is still clear and strong. If those thoughts begin to creep in—those rationalizations about your eminent capability to now handle your liquor—shut them down immediately.

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