The Best VR Headsets for Business in 2023

Virtual reality is changing the construction industry by allowing architects to turn 3D designs into VR-compatible renderings for collaborators and clients to explore. Virtual reality might be the most promising enterprise technology your organization can adopt today—and the most misunderstood. When choosing the best business VR headset, you’ll first want to consider your budget and whether you want a standalone VR headset or a PC VR. While a standalone VR headset lacks cables and houses the CPU and GPU within, a PC VR relies on the computing power of the PC it’s connected to and restricts user movement. But the latter typically offers better performance since it relies on an external computer’s power.

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This is a higher resolution that most other Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, and puts it in the same league as the HTC Vive Pro, though less pricey. It comes with a resolution of 2880 x 1600, offering a 78% increase in dots per inch than the standard HTC Vive. This leads to astounding image quality, so if realistic graphics are important, this headset is worth considering. If you want the very best VR experience for your business, then the HTC Vive Pro is currently our pick for the best business VR headset. The firm created a virtual American football stadium in Fortnite for phone giant Verizon during the pandemic, and they also worked with Meta to build a music world within Horizon Worlds.

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It also includes built-in headphones and new nose guards that do a better job of blocking out light than the HTC Vive. Setup is a bit complicated and could take between a few minutes to a few hours because you need to install lighthouses (small boxes) around the office to track the HTC Vive Pro. And with new ways of working comes new considerations, such as how long employees should wear a headset for.

  • Herman Narula, the chief executive of Improbable, a firm that makes the software to build metaverse lands, and author of a book called Virtual Society, is not convinced by Zuckerberg’s vision.
  • “The whole point of creative spaces in new realities is to expand our experiences, not to simply replicate what we’ve already had in the real world.
  • “Nor would every business need VR headsets for meetings. As powerful and compelling as VR is, Zoom and Teams calls offer near-frictionless alternatives that can be less cumbersome.”
  • Additionally, the cutting-edge headsets led to a massive partnership with BMW for an unparalleled mixed reality experience.
  • When choosing the best business VR headset, you’ll first want to consider your budget and whether you want a standalone VR headset or a PC VR.

For example, if the car turns right, the passenger’s VR vehicle – such as a spaceship – mimics the turn. With VR gear like Taclim VR boots from Cerevo, virtual tourists can take a stroll on a beach and feel the sandy terrain beneath their feet. Other aspects of the virtual environment, like the effect of ocean breezes and the sound of waves breaking and shorebirds, could heighten the experience. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. The many advantages and use cases for VR are already clear to industries including retail, personal and consumer services, manufacturing, construction, transportation, government, and healthcare, among others. With that said, this headset is among the most affordable out there and is able to deliver ‘room-scale’ experiences, making it an easy addition to any business VR setup.

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Other medical uses allow doctors and surgeons to try out new tools and procedures in a safe simulated environment. Equipment manufacturers also gain invaluable feedback thanks to the close monitoring that VR enables. The most apparent advantage of training in VR is that when things go wrong you simply have to hit the reset switch. Conversely, the report asserts that only 16 percent of respondents believe video calls facilitate a sense of presence in meetings. Moreover, only 14 percent of people thought video conferencing made it easier to work with colleagues. He added that the full stack of Lenovo hardware and ThinkReality mobile device management (MDM) provided benefits such as remote device monitoring, management, and licencing.

This has facilitate partnerships with top firms such as ENGAGE XR, Talespin, Micron Technologies, Baker-Hughes, and many others. Additionally, Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX offers massive levels of interoperability on the ThinkReality platform. This provides users with a device-agnostic toolkit for uploading bespoke independent software vendor (ISV) solutions, applications programme interfaces (APIs), simulations, and security. The headset offers companies unrivalled performance, support, and interoperability due to its laser focus on the enterprise rather than combining business and consumer markets like competitors.

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Rather than visit a physical showroom, customers leading increasingly digital lives will simply put on a headset and appear in a virtual one. Once there, they can interact with sales assistants – which could be virtual representations of real humans, or, more likely as time progresses, AI constructs operating independently of direct human control. Lenovo’s latest creation, the ThinkReality VRX, debuted at the Immerse Global Summit in Madeira, Portugal last year. News of the next-generation device provided a glimpse into the future of the enterprise metaverse — an interconnected system of XR products, services, and solutions for businesses.

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